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Economy Concrete Cutting Service LLC

Tex Buxton - Seattle - (206) 525-0541

Economy Concrete Cutting Service LLC

Concrete cutting/sawing services for the greater Seattle / Puget Sound area, including Bellevue/Eastside, South King County, Everett 

I cut openings in concrete walls for doors, windows, and round holes for pipes. I also cut floors for plumbing and electrical trenches and all other flat concrete and asphalt. All my equipment is electrical, so there's no pollution with a low carbon footprint.

Special attention is given to use as little water as possible during the cutting process. My equipment can work in remote locations that would be generally unreachable. Also, there is no line to the truck, so it can remain at a distance from the work. Set-up is rapid, and the costs are low.

I network with several companies to make sure service is prompt. Please call for more information and a quote. Thank you for your interest.

- Tex

Economy Concrete Cutting Service LLC
Tex Buxton
Cell: (206) 525-0541

Mailing Address:
4616 25th Ave NE
PMB# 32
Seattle, WA 98105